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Ready to put your songs out into the world? Unsure about producing a song over video sessions? It's OK, we've done it countless times, we'll coach you step by step how to collaborate online. With the music industry moving to mostly online all around the world it's a great skill to have and it's easy! We'll work with you until your vision is complete. Have any questions? Contact us with a bit about your project below! 

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Starting from $149 
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A poorly mixed song can literally turn someone off in the first second. We get songs half mixed, almost there and well... some that are a complete mess! It's OK, we've got you covered. Each project has different needs so check out or mixes, send us your current mix, what you're after, we'll give a quick quote then you can send the stems (individual tracks) over!  


Become The Producer (Production Mentorship)
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Want to learn everything you need to know become your own producer? Sick of wasting time and money? Wether you're new to producing or have a tonne of unfinished songs on your computer (we know how it is) we have guided personal mentoring via video calls to help you get to where you need to be. Special offers coming soon!

Camera Gimbal

Starting from $99 
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Need the perfect custom music for your project? We've had our songs on America's largest network, ABC Network multiple times, in youtube channels and private ads for businesses. We can quickly produce a song for you and even get a specific singing style. Tell us what style you're after, your time frame and we'll get you something to take you to Hollywood in no time!

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Press Reviews

ANR Factory

Producer, Ant Tarrant, left a nuanced bedroom-indie feel to the soundscape, inviting you into the same room where the song struck.



Collaborating with the tantalizing production elements of Ant Tarrant, the cognizant hues that emanate from the song are an invitation for listeners to encapsulate an affectionately resonant mindset. 


Camben Monthly

The delicate yet resounding single, produced by Ant Tarrant, unravels through accordant layers of art-rock, vulnerability, and alt-folk, inviting listeners into a tenderly resonant mindset.



The arrangement and technique utilized to produce this great track truly struck us. It has a high production quality that complements the song’s outstanding vocal abilities.


Pop Fad

The track creates an upbeat and lively vibe that is effortlessly contagious. It should be played at all the top festivals around the world to get crowds bumping.



Produced by Ant Tarrant, it’s a single that does away with the cliched bravado and over-the-top rock showmanship that hangs within the mainstream


The Magazine Plus

The song sounds like the perfect boredom remedy with its catchy, groovy melodies penetrating the listener's mind to uplift their mood. Engaging and entertaining, the track is a crowd-pleasing melody that deserves multiple listens.



(Placed on ABC Network)

Love going to Ant for production!!!! He's easy to work with, knows what he's doing, and his prices are so cost-effective. I keep going back to his services. He's knowledgeable and talented and truly brings your vision to life. Recommend him 1000%


(Custom made song, sang by Sundream Artist)

Ant is a great producer, a great multi-instrumentalist, and a great singer.  I recorded an original song with him.  His communication skills were excellent.  He did an awesome job of capturing the vibe of the song.  And he was always open to my feedback.  I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the track.  I highly recommend Ant for all of your recording needs.  You won't be disappointed.  He's awesome!


(Releasing artist & learning how to produce)

I worked on a few productions of my own songs with Sundream Studios over a number of weeks. I learnt a lot about production and got some results I'm really happy with. I have a much better understanding of the recording process since working with Ant.


(Releasing Second Album)

Absolutely amazing! I have recorded my second record at Sundream Studios and the experience was extraordinary. Ant taught me how to bring the sounds and tones that I hear in my head into the songs. Not only I appreciated his knowledge in producing and finalising songs but also the way he inspired and coached me in a remarkable way throughout the production. I can only recommend a collaboration with him and can't wait to work with him again in the future!

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