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Production Guru

Feel the rhythm, feel the vibe

Make the bass bang in the party

Learn to let go & chill sometimes

Create the choons you wanna hear

Hear and feel the sweet, sweet high

Learn the right tools and become god

Brag to your friends about your dope beats

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Meet Your Mentor

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"Learn the tools and just have obsessive fun with it!"

Studio Owner, Producer, Songwriter, Artist


My introduction to the recording studio was a massive moment in my life.

As a young, ambitious 15-year-old in a band,

 I was eager to create the ultimate sound.

But, as it turns out...

 The production process was not as straightforward as I had anticipated.

I remember waiting with a cool patience for the producer to finish our tracks,

only to find ...

that they were not quite the aural masterpiece we had envisioned.

But, like any good spy, I adapted to the situation

I realized that if I wanted to create music that was truly epic,

I needed to learn the art of production.

And so, I embarked on a mission to master the craft.

I discovered that producing a great song

does not require a lot of time.

With a bit of knowledge,

and a handful of grit

one can achieve greatness in a short period.

I've made my fair share of tracks I'll throw under the couch

 but I've also had the privilege of learning from some of the best in the business.

My productions have been heard by millions,

placed on America's largest TV network,

and I continue to hone my skills

to push the boundaries of what's possible.

That's why I am offering this mentorship to those new to production.

I'm confident you'll come out of it with pure gold.

This is not a pre-recorded course or a random collection of videos.

This is a one-on-one mentorship, where I will work with you live.

We will cover the basics,

and dive deeper than the sea.

We're all on our journey of discovery,

I know you are too

I can help you discover what we're all looking for,

dope as music...

I'm looking for individuals who are dedicated to the process

open to learning and experimenting in order to make something incredible.

So, if you're ready to join me on this mission

let's create music that will shake the foundations of the industry.

I look forward to it.


ANR Factory

"Producer, Ant Tarrant, left a nuanced bedroom-indie feel to the soundscape, inviting you into the same room where the song struck."


Pop Fad

"The track creates an upbeat and lively vibe that is effortlessly contagious. It should be played at all the top festivals around the world to get crowds bumping."



"Collaborating with the tantalizing production elements of Ant Tarrant, the cognizant hues that emanate from the song are an invitation for listeners to encapsulate an affectionately resonant mindset."


Camden Monthly

"The delicate yet resounding single, produced by Ant Tarrant, unravels through accordant layers of art-rock, vulnerability, and alt-folk, inviting listeners into a tenderly resonant mindset."


Broken8 Records

"Produced by Ant Tarrant, it’s a single that does away with the cliched bravado and over-the-top showmanship that hangs within the mainstream."


The Magazine Plus

"The song sounds like the perfect boredom remedy with its catchy, groovy melodies penetrating the listener's mind to uplift their mood. Engaging and entertaining, the track is a crowd-pleasing melody that deserves multiple listens."



"The arrangement and technique utilized to produce this great track truly struck us. It has a high production quality that complements the song’s outstanding vocal abilities."


No matter what level you're at,  you're goig to learn something! I don't want to waste any time on what you already know. The classes will be tailored to suit your needs. If you are a beginner then I will show you step by step how to produce a song, below are some of the processes involved!

  • The key elements to a production

  • The key elements to a song

  • Learn the 5 key plugins (effects) you’ll need

  • How to start structuring your ideas

  • Using loops to start ideas

  • Playing around with different sounds

  • Getting creative with return tracks

  • Borrowing ideas from hit songs

  • Mindset of a producer

  • Homework tasks (as much as you have time for)

  • Organising your samples and plugins

  • Set up templates

  • Creating memorable melodies

  • How to make a track go from static to dynamic

  • Basic principles of sound design

  • How to record your own instruments and vocals

  • How to edit tracks quickly

  • Learning about less is more

  • How to layer sounds and samples creatively

  • How to use interesting effects

  • Basics of playing keyboard if you’re not experienced

  • Learn essentials of music theory

  • Mixing as you go

  • Make your bass and kick punch through

  • Use saturation to get a professional sound

  • Properly use reference tracks

  • Crafting the perfect chorus

  • Using panning to create left and right interest

  • How to learn to not get stuck

  • Choosing the right tempo, changing the tempo

  • How to listen back to your track

  • Side chain compression (best thing since sliced bread)

  • Learn how to have fun while producing

  • How to not get burnt out

  • Get the right groove

  • How to integrate the production and the lyrics

  • Be confident in what you’re creating


Alice Producer Examples
Will Producer Examples
Stu Producer Examples



(indie artist & producer)

"Ant taught me how to bring the sounds and tones that I hear in my head into the songs. Not only I appreciated his knowledge in producing and finalising songs but also the way he inspired and coached me in a remarkable way throughout the production. I can only recommend a collaboration with him and can't wait to work with him again in the future!"

""I recorded my first single with Ant Tarrant and couldn't be happier with the outcome. He helped me work the song, had some great suggestions on improvements, and made sure the vocals and instrumentals were all spot on."

"His passion for music and the project at hand is so invigorating. He is a great teacher and shares his skills in a dynamic and memorable way."


(indie artist & producer)


(rapper & producer)


Pricing & Cons

5 sessions




At least 1 session per week

Via Video Calls

10 sessions




At least 1 session per week

Via Video Calls

20 sessions




At least 2 sessions per week

Via Video Calls


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